“We still don’t know exactly why they do this … the simplest answer is that they are dancing for joy.”


what is pronk!?

PRONK! is a conversation around a fire pit. It is an anecdote in the playground and an antidote to the present world. It is a wistful melody under a fountain of words and it is a quiet thought in the vastness of space. PRONK! is all of these things and more. It is a place, a space, a room or quiet corner that creates an opportunity for passion to overcome any obstacle. And from overcoming those obstacles, well, a lot can be achieved.

We believe that by presenting opportunities to develop skills, knowledge and experience you plant seeds for ideas, exploration and fine-tune the senses. By developing all of these things together one can leap all obstacles of confidence and ability, and find yourself in the present.

The present. How often do we find ourselves in it? How often do we aspire to revel in it; to consider it in our choices? What about the future present? When we get to that future present, is it a place we want to be?

We are an arts organisation that prioritises Science, Music and Storytelling. We believe these three things when combined together can truly create a magical place where people can connect with themselves, with the people around them and most importantly with the planet, with which we are intrinsically connected.


PRONK! started in a small town in Greater Manchester called Mossley. Jack Monaghan, a seedling scientist and performer, met Robert Moutrey, a fledgling musician and performer at Mossley Hollins High School. Jack would explain how the River Tame cut through the mossy hills of the Pennines thousands of years ago to form the seemingly giant hill he and Robert would have to climb to everyday to school. You can’t grow up surrounded by trees and mountains and not be mesmerised by the power of nature. 

Over twenty-five years later, a masters degree in geology and a bachelor of arts degree in popular music, Jack and Robert founded PRONK! Productions LLP. The objective of the partnership was to combine their passions: Science, Music and Storytelling. After presenting their first scratch performance at The Pleasance Theatre, North London, to an audience of twenty people in 2017; they have since scaled great heights with performances at The VAULTs Festival 2018 to the same twenty people.



(of a springbok or other antelope) leap in the air with an arched back and stiff legs, typically as a form of display or when threatened.

“grysbok were pronking over tall tufts of grass”


PRONK! would like to change the world! LOL no. But we do want to share experiences with people, whether that be in the classroom, the festival field, or on the theatre stage. We genuinely feel passionate about the power of stories and we want to share them with people.

Scientists are telling us we need to change the way we live to prevent an ecological disaster. There are plenty of incredible minds working on solutions. But we have to start reconnecting people to their planet with their heart as well as their minds, and you do that with personal connection – not just polars bears on TV, although that does help (unfortunately/fortunately).

We are not the arbiter of truth, we are not wholly original in our approach, but we are passionate and we are determined. We can’t change the world by ourselves. But we can be the speck of dust that causes a raindrop, that joins other raindrops, to feed the parched soil.

Help us sow a seed.


PRONK! is for anyone and everyone who likes stories full of real-life magic and adventure. Our history books are filled with incredible stories of strength, courage and imagination that don’t involve the make-believe or the accepted norm. We like fairy tales as much as the next, but we love the truth and fact and the astounding extraordinariness of the natural word.

Did you know, for example, that Mars could have been another earth full of life, if only a meteor millions of years ago delivered it water as it did to earth?

You see, if something like that fascinates you then you will like PRONK!. And if it does not fascinate you at first, wait until you hear us explain it in person, you’ll love it too (honest)!

PRONK! is for budding scientists, podcast enthusiasts, music-minds and one-of-a-kinds. We tell stories of human wonders and stratospheric thunders. We tell stories of magnificent firsts and tragic lasts. There are no ones and zeros here, we tell stories of atoms and apricots; of the human heart and the ecological soul.

PRONK! Is an open access platform for all ages and abilities. We are strictly inclusive and diverse in our approach to making, creating and the presentation of our work. We believe passionately in opening the floor to discussion to all voices and we have laid out our approach to this in our Accessibility Policy HERE.


Jack Monaghan

Artistic Director

Robert Moutrey

Artistic Director

Anna Moutrey


Ilayda Arden


Dave Aula


Hayley Kasperczyk


“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves”

-William Shakespeare-

OuR values

PRONK! endeavours to create spaces and environments where artists and producers can deconstruct the universe and present it back piece by piece in works that are refreshing, challenging and original, and to all kinds of audiences. We have a strong set of six core values in order to keep on top of this target. Those values are:

BE original

Look for new places to find our stories: under stones unturned, over horizons, upwards and downwards and sideways.

be Scientific

Writing fact-tion: to find the magic in science, and the beauty in truth.

BE Responsible

Take risks, explore ideas and break new ground with as many different voices and opinions as possible


Create space open to all voices and ideas, and ask for help from people who know more than we do


We are what we present and we are only as good as our last presentation, we are ambitious and strive to do better


Only create what is real, meaningful and substantive towards what we believe to be universal principles of truth and reality as a collective

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