Pronk is a creative partnership set up by Jack Monaghan and Robert Moutrey in the Spring of 2017. Our work combines science, music, and story-telling – to shape unusual tales into inspiring live events.

The objective of the partnership was to combine Robert and Jack’s skill sets – science, music, and above all story-telling – to create refreshingly original and ambitious new theatre.

“Our eyes were bigger than our bellies; we thought “hey, let’s make a show. It can’t be that difficult”. Oh how little we knew…” 


“We still don’t know exactly why they do this … the simplest answer is that they are dancing for joy.”


‘Pronk’ is an Afrikaans word meaning to strut or show-off. Most commonly used to describe the display-leaps of Springbok and other antelope, when they jump with all four feet pushing off the ground at once.

Meet the Pronkers…


Artistic Director

Jack most recently played the leading role in Lucy Bailey’s adaptation of The Graduate (West Yorkshire Playhouse, 2017), and has performed with the RSC, Shakespeare’s Globe, and for the National Theatre as the lead in their smash-hit War Horse (West End, 2011).

Jack has previously devised/developed new writing with the NT Studio, RSC, and Hightide Festival.


Artistic Director

Robert most recently worked as sound designer for Simon Evans / David Aula’s Hamlet (Park Theatre, 2017). His other work includes as musical assistant to Damon Albarn and Rufus Norris on Dr Dee – An English Opera (Manchester International Festival) as well as work for the NYT and street-theatre projects in Manchester.

Robert recently toured the world in US rock ‘n’ roll band Crocodiles, including performances on BBC 6Music, and international music festivals.

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