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Robert is a first-class musical mind and technical artist. His background is in rock and pop music but his knowledge, flair and curiosity extends to all corners of audio experience. To work with, he’s incredibly open to new ideas, a phenomenally fast learner and diligent to the extreme. Working in his home studio feels comfortable and he is nimble on the desk, as you make different choices about the work your making. Be it sound design for a stage play, voiceover for a video, original scoring (all of which I have worked with him on) or for your voice reel, podcast or track recording, Robert will produce results that make you sound your best and be a treat for your audiences’ ears.

Dave Brown



Nikolaos the Wonderworker

Written by one of The Stage’s Top Talents to watch from Vault ’18, David Aula, and performed with Juliet Stevenson (Film: Truly, Madly, Deeply; Bend it Like Beckham; Being Julia. Theatre: Mary Stuart; Hamlet; Happy Days) this is a rehearsed reading of a play that will continue shake up the live theatre genre, the role of the audience, and how to create real magic in your heads

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