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As a voiceover actor your voice reel is your calling card. It’s an essential asset to obtain an agent and be cast in commercials, TV, radio, film, video games and more. At PRONK! our experienced audio engineers are here to help you create a high-quality, professional voice reel that makes your voice stand out. Whether you're looking for a new reel or a refresh, we will work with you to establish and deliver exactly what you need.

Making a Voice Reel with PRONK!

Your voice reel is a 60 to 120 second piece of audio that demonstrates the range of your voice, your vocal tone, timbre and dexterity. Working closely with you, we’ll help you to select the right combination of scripts and direct you in the recording session to ensure you’re highlighting the unique aspects of your natural voice . We then professionally edit, mix and master your reel, sending you the MP3, which you can then distribute  and launch your career as a professional voice artist.

We offer three types of reels to make sure you get work in exactly the niche you want: Commercial Reels, Corporate Reels and Characters Reels. Learn more about each reel and listen to examples below. 

You can record your reel in our East London studio or remotely from the comfort of your own home!

If you choose to record from home, we’ll help you set up your own home studio, guiding you on how to best soundproof your environment, create a small booth and recommend mics, headphones and software to suit your budget.

Working with Pronk was a total pleasure. I was new to the process and had some trepidations, but Robert was just the right mix of professional and personable to make me feel at ease, relaxed and confident to make my reel. Chuffed to bits with the end result; you can in no way tell I’m in a cupboard at my nan’s house.

Hannah Maxwell

Choose your Voice Reel

We offer single reels and bundle packages

Commercial Reel

A Commercial Reel demonstrates your ability to sell, while staying close to your natural voice. This is a Big Business area, and your first point of call if you are a beginner. Your reel will have a dynamic variety of copy from a range of sectors (i.e. automotive, finance, food and beverage, health and beauty, kids, etc). It will comprise of 5-6 different examples and be around 90 seconds long.

£347. Or bundle two reels for £485, or all three for £620.

Rachel Cairns

Rachel Cairns

Voice Actor, Commercial Reel

Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 11.48.19

Charlotte Gowdy

Voice Actor, Commercial Reel

Phoebe Hitt

Phoebe Hitt

Voice Actor, Commercial Reel

Corporate Reel

A Corporate Reel demonstrates how your voice will bring audiobooks, training videos, public service announcements and documentary narration to life. Corporate reels usually include 3-5 pieces of text and are about 90 seconds in total length. If you’re a natural storyteller this reel will be a great fit for you.

£347. Or bundle two reels for £485, or all three for £620.


Hannah Maxwell

Voice Actor, Corporate Reel

Screenshot 2021-08-09 at 16.34.15

Victor Esses

Voice Actor, Corporate Reel

Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 11.44.45

Liberty Martin

Voice Actor, Corporate Reel

Character Reel

If you’re keen to voice the heroes, villains and everything in between in animation and video games, a Character Reel is for you. Character eels show off the scope of your character voices and accents, ranging from your natural voice to the uber wacky. . These reels typically include longer samples of 3-4 different pieces.

£347. Or bundle two reels for £485, or all three for £620.

Portrait : Olivier ALLARD ©

Jayne Walling

Voice Actor, Character Reel

Hanna Winter

Hannah Winter

Voice Actor, Character Reel

Launch your voiceover career with a high quality voice reel and start earning as a voice actor!

Our Services


Whether you’re recording in the studio with us or at home we’ll have a short phone call before your session to discuss your goals, advise you on what types of scripts you should be looking for and how best to prepare for your session.

Your Scripts

We have access to a huge library of scripts to choose from to create your reel. We will help narrow down your choices and assist you in editing them so that your reel sounds fresh and slick.

Studio and Equipment

You can record at our East London Studio or remotely online. Should you want to record remotely we’ll help you with your home studio setup.


You come to your recording session with your selection of scripts, and ability to pronounce all of the words. We’ll work with you to shape the phrasing and direct your readings to make sure your reel has maximum variation and highlights the wonderful qualities of your voice.

Music and Sound FX

After the recording session we add music, and sound FX if applicable, from our enormous sound library. Each sample in your reel will sound like a genuine clip from an advert, video game, documentary or animation. This allows clients to hear how your voice sits within the appropriate contexts.

Single Reels & Bundles

If you’re hoping to create more than one reel, we offer discounted prices when you bundle two or all three of our reels together.



Most frequent questions and answers

If you are new to the voice world, we recommend beginning with a Commercial Reel.

More experienced voice artists may want to record additional voice reels such as the Corporate Reel or the Character Reel opening them up to more sources of work.

If you wish to have multiple reels at your disposal, we offer 30-40% discounts when you record two or three reels at once.

Yes. When you purchase one of our voice reel packages, you will receive a free pre-recording consultation call during which we’ll assess your recording environment and help you with your equipment.

If you wish to record from home you will need a microphone and wired headphones. We will advise you of the appropriate equipment upon confirmation of your session. We will then record your voice reel via an online audio platform similar to Zoom – a link will be sent to you before your scheduled recording session.

Yes! Our studio is located in Walthamstow. We’ll send you the address once you’ve booked your session.

How to set up your Home Studio

As a Voice Artist you will at some point be required to consider your home studio set up; that is, the space/environment where you plan on being when you record your voice overs and the equipment you will use to do it. 

If you’re new to audio and/or voice over work, this can be a daunting task. We offer 30 minute consultations on what equipment you will need depending on your requirements, where to get it from and how to use it. It’s that simple. We also offer equipment rental below.

This service is free when you book a single reel or bundle.


How to set up your home studio
£ 75 One-off Consultation Fee
  • Equipment Advice
  • Recording Environment
  • Set up & guidance
  • Online training

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