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Create a high-quality, professional voice reel from the comfort of your own home! Our no-nonsense service will make your voice stand out. Whether you're looking for a new reel or to update an existing reel, we will work with you establish exactly what you need.

What is a Voice Reel?

A voice reel is an essential asset to anyone hoping to obtain work as a voice actor/artist. A voice reel is a 60 to 120 second piece of audio that demonstrates the range of a performer’s voice and vocal tone, timbre and dexterity. The audio of the voice reel is often used to select voice artists for work on commercials, radio, television, filmmaking, video games and more. 

Every actor should have a voice reel to demonstrate their voice to commercial industries. We can set you up with a high quality voice reel and assist you in putting together your home studio so that you are fully prepared to start your career as a professional voice artist.

I had a wonderful time working with Robert on my demo. He’s warm and professional and his direction was extremely helpful. If you’re an actor looking for a high-quality voice reel that will get you jobs, I highly recommend Robert

Our Services

Your Script

We have access to a range of scripts for you can choose from to create your reel. We will help you collate these scripts and assist you in editing them so that your reel sounds fresh and slick.

Studio and Equipment

Depending on your circumstances you can record our London Studio or remotely. Should you want to record remotely we can help with your home studio setup.


You should come to your recording session prepared with your text/scripts so that you can pronounce all of the words. Outside of that we will help you with the phrasing and direction of the text to make sure your reel has variation.

Music and Sound FX

Your voice reels will come back fully synced to music and sound FX depending on the package you chose. Adding music and SFX creates allows client's to hear how your voice sits within the appropriate contexts.

Start earning as an actor and launch your voiceover career with a high quality voice reel now!

Launch your voiceover career from home. Get a free £75 thirty-minute consultation on how to set up your home studio when you create a Commercial voice reel with PRONK! Studios.

How to set up your Home Studio

As a remote Voice Artist you will at some point be required to consider your home studio set up; that is, the space/environment where you plan on being when you record your voice overs and the equipment you will use to do it. 

If you’re new to audio and/or voice over work, this can be a daunting task. We offer short 30 minute consultations on what equipment you will need depending on your requirements, where to get it from and how to use it. It’s that simple. We also offer equipment rental below.

If you’re new to voice work we will offer £50 off when you purchase this consultation alongside one of the ‘Beginner’ Voice Reel packages above.


How to set up your home studio
£ 75 One-off Consultation Fee
  • Equipment Advice
  • Recording Environment
  • Set up & guidance
  • Online training


Equipment Rental

All the equipment you need to make your voice reel
£ 15 Per day
  • Microphone
  • Headphones
  • Pop filters
  • Next day Delivery

Don't have the equipment? No problem

We have the solution for you!

We have top of the line equipment that sounds great and is perfect to make your voice reel. We make sure our equipment is sanitised safely prior to sending out to any clients. We can send equipment out to you next day delivery so that you have it in time for your scheduled session. We will then collect it first thing the next day.

Equipment rental is a great option if you’re starting out, though bear in mind you will probably need to invest in some equipment of your own for when the work starts to come in.

For more information, please email once you have successfully scheduled your Voice Reel recording session.

*minimum hire period 3 days (£45)

**hire only in conjunction with purchase of a Voice Reel recording session

***rental fee does not include delivery and collection. Costs for courier will be assumed at £15 for delivery and £15 for collection. 

****minimum fee £75 for three day rental, payment up front


Most frequent questions and answers

A Commercial Ad Copy voice reel is a 90 second audio clip that demonstrates a voice artists vocal range and ability in reading advertising copy. Examples of ad copy might be found on Radio, Television, Internet, Youtube, Infomercials, Public Services Announcements (PSAs) among many other places.

A Corporate and Narrative voice reel is a 90 second audio clip that demonstrates a voice artists vocal range and ability in reading text that might feature in the corporate or narrative fields such as  training videos, presentations, compliance training, ‘Welcome videos’, documentaries, audiobooks and many more areas.

A Character and Animation voice reel is a 90-120 second audio clip that demonstrates a voice artists vocal range and ability in reading text or dialogue that might include accents, characterisation and/or different languages. Creating a Character and Animation reel might mean a voice artist is looking for to work in the area or animation or video games.

Typically, if you are new to the voice world, we would recommend choosing the Commercial Ad Copy reel. This is the most profitable area for voice artists and performers.

More experienced voice artists may want to record additional voice reels such as the Corporate & Narrative Reel or the Character & Animation Reel giving them more options to potential client’s in the future. However, if you are new to the voice world and wish to have more options at your disposal, we offer 30-40% discounts when you buy multiple voice reel packages.

Yes. When you purchase one of our voice reel packages, you will recieve a free HOME STUDIO – How to Set up your home studio 30 minute consultation where we will assess your recording environment and help you with your equipment.

If you wish to record from home you will need a microphone and wired headphones. We will advise you of the appropriate equipment upon confirmation of your session. We will then record your voice reel via an online audio platform similar to Zoom – a link will be sent to you before your scheduled recording session.

Yes. This might be limited however, depending on the status of Government guidelines around COVID19. However, a lot of commercial studios will often record remotely and you should have the equipment and knowledge to be able to facilitate this as a voice artist. Simple, USB recording equipment can be relatively inexpensive and still obtain professional audio quality. We will help you with this during the home consultation.

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