To Dance Beneath A Diamond Sky

Beneath a Diamond Sky will be an outdoor theatrical experience that explores the impacts of ideas of success and failure on young people.

It was inspired by a heart-rending recent study into mental health in 16-25-year-olds. In the study 18% of the young people interviewed disagreed with the statement that ‘life is really worth living’.

A generation on the brink of becoming lost.

So this is a play about explorers, and about finding your way. And about hope.

Our central protagonist is a young woman making decisions about what she wants her life to be. Around her are stories of exploration – Valentina Tareshkova, a Russian Cosmonaut, and Saloman August Andrée, a Swedish Balloonist. But are these stories of success or failure? And why do the explorers look so similar to her parents?



Three short stories

Research & Development

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The show

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