The Rain God

VAULT Festival Performance at The Vaults 2018

‘...moments of genuine joy’

Charles Hatfield made it rain. Or at least he claimed he could, travelling around the USA in the early 1900s, offering his services as a rainmaker to desperate, drought-hit communities.

He had a sensational streak of success, culminating in his incredible but ill-fated 1915 commission to fill San Diego’s depleted Morena Reservoir. Surely he was a fraud, though? A fake?

The Rain God sets off to find out. Framing Hatfield’s remarkable story within a more personal, relatable tale of childhood in rainy Manchester, writer Jack Monaghan crafts an intelligent, investigatory journey of admirable scope.


15 Minute Performance

The Pleasance Theatre


45 Minute Performance

The Pleasance Theatre


 Full Production

VAULT Festival


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