The Rain God

Charles can control the weather. Or so his brother says. Watch mythological animal-spirits battle meteorological experts in this scientific, music-fuelled, hunt for the truth.

The Rain God tells the true story of Charles Mallory Hatfield – a man who claimed he could control the weather. 

In 1916 this sewing-machine salesman turned rainmaker was hired by San Diego City Council to break a drought and fill their reservoir with 18 billion gallons of water. Charley’s aim – to create the biggest storm in San Diego History.

With an original score and live percussion, ominous beats and atmospheric found-sound, this one-man, one-musician show transports audiences to the dry California desert, to the middle of a raging storm, and back 4 billion years to the first time it rained on Planet Earth.

Audiences will learn the science of raindrops, and hear the ancient myths of indigenous american tribes. They’ll leave with the howl of a coyote in their ear, and the smell of rain in their hair.

Upcoming Shows

Spring 2018 – London Performances (confirmed, announced soon)

Autumn 2018 – Touring to Studios and Science Festival (watch this space)

Previous Shows

Litmus Festival
Pleasance Theatre