Our Work

Our work is about finding the universal in the extraordinary. Stories have always been about heroes and villains. Our stories find the heroes in the passionate people trying to see the world differently, and in the places where exploration and ideas are celebrated.

We tell these stories in the spirit of togetherness. Nothing brings people together like a good yarn.

We have produced work for the BBC, Audible and The British Science Association.

Radio & Audio

We hope you find something you like amongst this collection of audio work we have collaborated and/or put together over the recent months. Some avenues we like and have explored are below, feel free to check them out.

Theatre & Live Events

We started in theatre because of our love of the space between 

The Rain God

The Rain God tells the true story of a man who says he can make it rain – Charles Mallory Hatfield. And when he says he will make it rain, it does.

At its core this is a play about responsibility. If I can, I should.
It touches on the themes of populism, of persuasion, and of hubris.
It also explores our ideas of what is and what is not science, and our prejudices about where truth comes from.

Poster (Star) 1

Beneath A Diamond Sky

A new show about explorers and the night sky. Currently in development.

Installations & Sharings

We started in theatre because of our love of the space between 

The Peregrine

The Peregrine is an audio based nature trail in partnership with the British Science Association celebrating J A Baker’s ‘The Peregrine’.

Escape Pods

PRONK!’s Escape Pods from Spaceship Earth – allow intrepid visitors to step momentarily into three new worlds, each held within its own geodesic dome structure.


To Catch The Moon

The moon landings of 1969 by Nasa’s Apollo 11 crew is considered one of Man’s greatest achievements to date, but what did it take to launch the Saturn V rocket into space and land the lunar module on the cold lifeless rock orbiting planet earth?

A series of short stories based on the history of the space race, we study the people, the politics and most importantly, the animals that contributed to that success in a 45 minute performance piece.