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Thinking of making a podcast? We offer a range of services, from light touch to the full package. Whether you have a nebulous of an idea or a fully formed production schedule; we offer a bespoke service to meet your needs. We can help you deliver your pilot episod, or a whole season; we can do this on a rolling basis or we can train you how to go off on your own.

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Working with PRONK! was great! The team were professional and made the whole process very easy, walking me through step-by-step. For anyone looking to start a podcast, from concept to completion, I would highly recommend PRONK! productions.

Haley McGee

Creator & Host, The Cost of Love

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What is a Podcast?

Simply put a Podcast is a piece of audio ranging from 1 minute to, well, however long you like it! The audio usually includes interviews, conversations, statements, news articles, reviews, fictional accounts, music, sound, and more and they are usually stored or published by a podcast hosting company online. The audio is released at intervals often in the form of series and episodes which people are able to subscribe to.

Basically, if you have an idea you want to talk about, or there’s a conversation you want to promote, and you want that conversation to reach a lot of people in an economical fashion, making a Podcast is probably the best way to go.

What we will help you with:

We offer guidance and advice on remote recording & interview practice. This includes what equipment you might want to use (we offer equipment rental upon request), how to set up your recording environment and interview tips & tricks.

Should your idea only be partially formed, we can help develop your concept, research guests and coordinate interviews. We can even provide hosts to lead the conversation if you would rather take a back seat. 

We will develop a branding style guide including what fonts to use and a colour palette to choose from. We can create your logo and any other graphic products to accompany your audio. We can even develop and build your Podcast its own, bespoke website.

We provide a range of solutions to underscore your podcast, from licensed pre-made music, to original, bespoke jingles and sound design.

Post production is the most time consuming part of making your Podcast. We offer a comprehensive post production package including audio editing (“de-umming”), audio editing (narrative structure), music sync, mixing and mastering.

Intimidated? Don’t be! Drop us an email and we will be happy to answer any concerns or queries you might have.

Equipment Rental

All the equipment you need to make your podcast
£ 15 Per day
  • Microphone
  • Headphones
  • Pop filters
  • Next day Delivery

Don't have the equipment? No problem

We have the solution for you!

We have top of the line equipment that sounds great and is perfect to make your podcast. We make sure our equipment is sanitised safely prior to sending out to any clients. We can send equipment out to you next day delivery so that you have it in time for your scheduled session. We will then collect it first thing the next day.

Equipment rental is a great option if you’re starting out, though bear in mind these costs can start to surmount those of purchasing the equipment outright. If you have any questions or concerns please email and we will be happy to help guide you on the best way forward.

*minimum hire period 3 days (£45)

**we only hire equipment to those who have employed our services to create a podcast

***rental fee does not include delivery and collection. Costs for courier will be assumed at £15 for delivery and £15 for collection. 

****minimum fee £75 for three day rental.