Escape Pods

An installation piece by PRONK! Productions, The Escape Pods – from Spaceship Earth – allow intrepid visitors to step momentarily into new worlds. 

Three Escape Pods invite audiences to reconnect with their senses. Each pod is its own hemisphere of reality: an immersive, interactive environment, with its own atmosphere, texture, temperature and visual landscape. In particular the pods will utilise light and sound to take audience members on their own exploratory journey.

Each pod is a shining beacon of bright block colour – stunningly visible from the outside, and overwhelming the space within along with three unique audio art pieces in each pod. 

PRONK!’s Escape Pods still the body, clear the mind, and lighten the soul.

Into the Pods

Blue Light / Wind

The Zephyr’s Paradise. This pod is all trade winds and cloud strata. Filled with instruments making music from air, alongside wafting soft silks. The sound of wind chimes lulls visitors, while a bottle-top piano allows the curious to create their own music.


This pod is situated in the thick flowing clouds in the atmospheres above us.

Green Light / Earth

The Carboniferous World. This pod will be filled to the rafters with living plants, a droplet of rain-forest brought to the urban space. This is a place smelling of soil and life, a breeze will rustle the trees and the sounds of animal life will echo through the canopy.


A miniature Eden Project.


Red Light / Fire

The Sun-Baked Sauna Planet. This pod is hot and heavy, tempting passers-by to slow down and let their body relax. Centred on a beautiful NASA projection of our sun, with warm sand beneath the toes, and the scents of exotic spices direct to your olfactory bulb.


This pod is a star-hugging planet, orbiting tight to its parent sun.

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