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In the vast landscape of Podcasts it’s imperative that producers think of new ways to make their podcasts stand out above the rest.

Here at PRONK! we do just that. With a focus on science and art, we engage your listeners’ imagination and hearts as well as their minds.

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Curating the sound of leading businesses such as

A podcast is a direct line to your customer’s ear. It is an opportunity to engage with them in a much more personal and emotional way and in this instance more effective than any other sort of marketing. 

Technically, however, it is a piece of audio usually around 10-75 minutes in duration and includes interviews, conversations, statements, news articles, reviews, fictional accounts, music, and sound. 

The audio is then published on the internet and released at intervals often in the form of series and episodes to which your customers can then subscribe.

What is a podcast?

Sample our work

We’ve chosen our best bits so you don’t have to. Here are a few 60 second clips taken from some of the podcasts we’ve worked on.

Working with Pronk to produce our first season allowed me to focus on the area of podcasting I enjoy – the interviewing. Having the Pronk team manage all of our equipment, music and editing was a great relief. And, as someone new to podcast hosting, I appreciated the humanity and warmth of their support

Prof. Celia Moore

Director, Centre for Responsible Leadership


Responsible: The Podcast

What does responsible leadership look like? What are the leadership qualities that can make or break an organisation? In these podcasts, Professor Celia Moore from Imperial College Business School invites leaders to share insights from their experience of transforming organisations and making societal impact. The qualities discussed can be embodied by everyone in an organisation, whatever their level

Our services


We can help develop your concept, research your guests and develop the listener experience from the beginning.


It isn’t as easy as it sounds! Developing a good script takes experience to include space for free flow and we’re experts. 


The voice is everything as this is whom your customer will form a relationship with. You need confidence, charisma and charm. We don’t have it, but we know those who do!


This is where we shine. Licensed music or original composition, music engages the soul of your listener.

Pre Production

From project management, recording logistics, and equipment, we have a range of solutions to record remotely and in-person.

Post Production

Post production is the most time consuming part of making your Podcast. We offer a comprehensive post production package including audio editing, music sync, mixing and mastering.

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Customer reviews

What people say?

Working with PRONK! Productions we have seen much more than a high-quality audio production company. Their passion and creative contributions throughout the process make a substantial difference when it comes to transforming an idea into an outstanding podcast series. Totally recommended.
Magdalena Sieber
Digital Content Manager, SDCELAR
We’ve been so happy with the podcast and working with PRONK
Nicole Pires
Content Marketing Manager, Imperial College

Equipment Rental

All the equipment you need to make your podcast
£ 15 Per day
  • Microphone
  • Headphones
  • Pop filters
  • Next day Delivery

Don't have the equipment? No problem

We have the solution for you!

We have top of the line equipment that sounds great and is perfect to make your podcast. We make sure our equipment is sanitised safely prior to sending out to any clients. We can send equipment out to you next day delivery so that you have it in time for your scheduled session. We will then collect it first thing the next day.

Equipment rental is a great option if you’re starting out, though bear in mind these costs can start to surmount those of purchasing the equipment outright. If you have any questions or concerns please email and we will be happy to help guide you on the best way forward.

*Subject to Terms and Conditions


Most frequent questions and answers

It varies project to project. Some clients wish to make a single pilot episode, other may wish to make a whole series of a number of episodes. We tailor our services to meet the needs of our clients. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and request a quote, we’re a good bunch.

No. Simply put, there are better aggregators then us and they will give you much better insight into your listener data than publishing through PRONK! You may want to look at websites like Podbean or Libsyn which are subscription based.

Yes. Providing there is a quiet room. However, you may also decide you want light ambient background noise to add to the ambience of the podcast. Alternatively we can record remotely or a nearby studio. 

Yes! Absolutely. The great thing about podcast production is that there are so many tools available now recording internationally is relatively straight forward. 

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