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What is PRONK! Productions?

Loud and clear!

PRONK! Productions LLP is a critically acclaimed production company that specialises in creative audio. We have worked with hundreds of individuals young and old, as well as small and large organisations, nationally and internationally, to help them tell their stories loud and clearly.

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Don't let logistics silence your voice!

Unleash the power of your story with music and audio by PRONK! to create original content to reach new audiences.
Our services include: creative concept, writing, pre and post production in video and audio and project management.


When efficiency is paramount, literally.

Word for word, chapter to chapter, when you hit record for the inevitable 5-20 hour recording session, you best be sure you have all your eggs in a row because these bad-boys can easily chew up your budget. No need to worry though, as we have a keen eye for detail!


Knowledge is evergreen

There is no monopoly on talent. We find energy for certain activities at different points in our lives and when a certain flame ignites us we have to fan those flames there and then. Whether that's music, production, presenting or storytelling, PRONK! will never douse your fire.

We know the 'how' so you can focus on the 'what'

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